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Kirsty Strowger_edited.jpg

After 35 years of smoking and 2 years of vaping I am finally free of it. I saw Brigitta on the 5th of October and it is now the end of November and I am puff free. "I will breathe fresh air forever" Brigitta checked in with me every day for the first 2 weeks and offered me a 2nd consultation free of charge. I didn't need it. I highly recommend hypnotherapy for speaking to your sub conscious and rewiring the brain. It is incredible how you can do something when you really want to. Thank you again :-)

Kirsty Strowger

David Cejas_edited.jpg

Brigitta helped me with my public speaking and self-confidence issues.
Now I can focus in the growth of my business speaking in front of the entire room without dealing with negative feelings.
I highly recommend her to help anyone who wants to improve their life. Thanks Brigitta!

Lisandro David Cejas

Tracey Shilli_edited.jpg

Brigitta has allowed me to see & feel my potential as well as to take the action needed to be self-responsible in my own life! I am now thriving thanks to this wonderful lady! I highly recommend Brigitta to help anyone to move through what is holding them back in their life 💗

Tracey Shilli

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